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Beast of Show

Beast of Meets

Best in Class
JDM - Muscle - VIP - Euro - Truck/SUV Exotic - KDM - Most Original

More info:
Beast of Meets & Best in Class Categories are the same ticket & voted on in person at the event. *Beast of Meets: Our version of Best overall.
(Not including Beast of Show.)

Beast of Show: Cars/trucks must be at least 70% Modified.
Winner takes all:
$1,000 & Beast of Show Trophy (Register ASAP)

How to win:
(1. Register below 2. Pay for your entry 3. Follow & msg on instagram

In person only voting during event for the Beast of Show title trophy & $1,000.

Your car must reach at least 70% from the categories below.
(Driven cars only)

  • Engine bay: +10%

  • Drivetrain: +10%

  • Exterior Body Panels:  bumpers +10%, fenders +10%, hood +10%, trunk +5%, side skirts +5%, other aero +5%, lights +5%

  • Interior:  Seats +5%, Steering wheel +5%, shifter, trim +5%, sound display +5%

  • Wheels: rims +5%, tires +5%, brakes +5%, calipers +5%, rotors +5%

  • Custom: paint +5%, (bolts, nuts, washers, +5%) (caps, covers, hoses, lines +5%)

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1. Register & pay for entry on Eventbrite or ParkupFront App
2. Register car here
3.Upload photos of your car
4. Follow us @beastmeet on instagram and send us a message that you have submitted.

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